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    • Competition Season 2018-2019

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    Cheer Programs

    • Summer Performance Team


      A fun and casual experience that brings cheer spirit and skills to life with the opportunity to be displayed at exciting parades and summer time events

    • Stunt the Sport Clinic


      STUNT focuses on technical and athletic components of cheer. Pyramids/tosses, jumps/tumbling and partner stunts. It’s made up of 6 short routines in each category (approx. 35 seconds,24 routines). The best to execute wins the round, gains a point, and has the opportunity to determine which routine level will be performed next. Their are 4 quarters that include partner stunts, jumps/tumbling, pyramids/toss and team routines.

    • Sideline

      Sideline Cheer is a fun and exciting way to get in the spirit of cheerleading while supporting Newberg Youth Football! Learn how to stunt, jump, dance, chant and cheer, all while standing the sidelines of the beautiful Newberg High School football field supporting youth football!

    • Competition

      * Just a friendly reminder that if your athlete is considering competition season they must partake in sideline season in order to qualify for competition season.

    • Spring Performance Clinic


      Our 12 week performance clinic starts in March. This is a multi week clinic that allows new athletes and our current athletes to  work on their skills and techniques, then they showcase all their hard work in a grand performance.

    Tumble, Tumble, Tumble!

      Tumbling Classes


      Per Month
      • Cartwheels, Round Offs, Walkovers, Back handsprings
      • Consistent back handsprings, Multiple handsprings, Specialty passes, Working towards a tuck
      • Tucks/Consistent tucks, Higher level specialty passes, Higher level skills

      Private Tumbling Lessons


      Per 1/2 Hour
      • Personal one on one
        instruction to assist in advancement of student tumbling capabilities
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      For any questions regarding our pricing plans, don’t hesitate to contact us