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Upcoming Classes and Programs


July Strength and Core Building

July 1st - 31th
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30PM - 6:15PM

Strength and Core Building is a 45 minute class that will train and assist your athlete in developing stamina, strength, and muscle awareness. Various forms of cardio, muscle isolation, and strength training activities.

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July Jump Development

July 1st - 31th
Tuesday and Thursday 6:15PM - 7PM

Jump Development is a 45 minute class that will improve upon the development, skill, and execution of your athletes jump skills. Various forms of training and isolated instruction encompassing the athletes jump ability.

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2020 Sideline Season

August - October

Sideline Cheer is a fun and exciting way to get in the spirit of cheerleading while supporting Newberg Youth Football! Learn how to stunt, jump, dance, chant and cheer, all while standing the sidelines of the beautiful Newberg High School football field supporting youth football!

Practice times and price information will be updated once guidelines from the state have been received.

* Just a friendly reminder that if your athlete is considering competition season they must partake in sideline season in order to qualify for competition season.

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Tumbling Classes

*Cartwheels, Round Offs, Walkovers, Back handsprings
*Consistent back handsprings, Multiple handsprings, Specialty passes, Working towards a tuck
*Tucks/Consistent tucks, Higher level specialty passes, Higher level skills
Cost: $75 a month
Private Lessons available for personal one on one
instruction to assist in advancement of student tumbling capabilities
Cost: $25 per half hour

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